Vintage Sofa Makeover

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 10.14.11 PM

Alfonsina Romero purchased a vintage sofa at a moving sale. It was almost free. She reinvented it for a client with functional fabrics from ARC-com. She selected a beige faux leather for the base which was also used to reupholster the inside of the attached storage ottoman. The faux leather surface created contrast with the durable Crypton fabric. The new tufting design is different from it’s previous channeling to create a clean modern look.

Sofas should be functional, comfortable and shouldn’t be covered in plastic, as this particular piece was originally. The plastic did serve its purpose in protecting it from the elements for so long, however, enabling the upholsterer to use the original foam of the piece, which was in excellent condition. Fortunately, the new fabrics that Alfonsina selected continue to protect the sofa’s core from liquids, acting like a shield with it’s Crypton finish and plastic lining. The original legs were left on the sofa, but can be replaced anytime with legs in chrome finish to give it an even more modern appearance.
Alfonsina Romero Sofa Design IMG_1288
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