andBeyond Benguerra Island

Benguerra Island is a quick helicopter ride away off the coast of Mozambique. This getaway is unique and it’s surrounded by interesting beaches with highly fluctuating tides. The aerial view is incredible. The lodge consists of a series of beachfront “casinhas” or mini villas  guestrooms. The property is beautifully designed with Portuguese style furnishings and island architecture.

&Beyond Benguerra Island
The reception desk to the property is a subtle dining table in a library setting.
A typical “Casinha” or private villa with a private pool.
Each casinha has its very own beach front cabana, with a swinging bed and covered in terry cloth linens
The bar at &Beyond Benguerra is the property’s social area for gathering
Main lobby furnishings
The main lobby is open to a beach front view
Dining in the garden off the main lobby decks an option
The pathway towards the guestrooms
This is lunch and it’s beautiful
Private terrace with outdoor seating and dining at the casinha.
The guestroom’s private pool.
The amazing interior inside the guest room (casinha)
The tub inside the room. The shower is the opening where the light is coming in- yes, an outdoor shower.
Cooper sinks are high maintenance but certainly beautiful.
Lanterns that light up the dinners by the beach
Village tour: A typical residence for the locals in the island.
Public lobby furnishings
The property has 3 family homes- similar to the guestrooms but connected by walk-in closet corridors.
Corridors that connect the rooms in the family suites
The bathrooms have beautiful details- marble countertops, ebony wood vanities and baskets for storage.

Livingroom inside the master bedroom suite


The canopy bed ensures that the bedroom area maintains its own space.
Accessories in the master bedroom suite.

Photo Credit: Alfonsina Romero


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