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-Hand poured in USA

-Made out of natural soy wax

-Inspired by edible ingredients

-The candle jar is eco friendly and reusable.

-New scents are secret & launch twice a year

-Scents are revealed at their exclusive launch event.

SOY CREATIVE ​NO.01 is first candle of the collection and is avialable in 2 colors. The scents are made out of natural soy wax and inspired by natural ingredients you’d find in your kitchen. SOY CREATIVE candles are an “edible ingredient inspired” collection and do not contain the musky perfumes found in the average candles. SOY CREATIVE is packaged in a beautiful eco-friendly glass jar with a silver metal twist cap.  

SOY CREATIVE scents launch twice a year and each will be revealed at their own exclusive scent launch event, which will be an experience for the five senses. Explore #soycreative



To Purchase Soy Creative NO.1 : 

$29.00 (8 oz) large glass jar


$17.50 (2 oz) mini glass jar set of two

$17.50 (9 ct) tea light set

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